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Why We’re Grateful for Gardening

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Though we put our gardens to sleep for winter, it’s time to stock up on squashes (decorative and delicious) and adorn our lawns with sparkly lights. There’s a magical feeling in the air, and as we prepare to sit with our loved ones to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, we’d like to share some reasons why we’re especially grateful for everything that gardening gives us.


Doing our part to Do Green. Do Good.
Growing our own produce and herbs, composting and bettering our air supply are just some of the ways gardening is good for the environment—and we’re grateful for the chance to help out Mother Nature!

It does the mind and body good
As we wrote earlier this month, gardening has an array of health benefits. From stress relief and overall satisfaction to the hundreds of calories burned while weeding, gardening is an important way to clear your mind and take care of your body. Gardening allows us to step back from deadlines and meetings, and get lost in nature—even in the heart of a city.

The circle of life
Observing and taking part in the creation of plant life is important. Fostering a seedling, watching it grow and then planting its offspring regularly reminds us of the delicacy of life and the beauty of genetics. Gardening is a certain responsibility that we’re honored to have.


Constant learning and improvement
The beautiful thing about gardening, aside from the obvious, is that your plants are always teaching you. They tell you how they want to grow, where they want to be and how you can do better next season. It’s a challenging, never-ending puzzle and a feeling of instant gratification all at the same time—one that doesn’t end when winter comes. Browsing catalogs, maintaining indoor plants and fantasizing about next spring are all part of the education of gardening, and it keeps us excited all year round.

The small things
Wishing for rain and getting it. The taste of homegrown, ripe heirloom tomatoes in your summer salad. Changing the entire feel of your home with the addition of one plant or installation.


We all have those little things that remind us why we love gardening and the list is always changing. What are some of the reasons you’re grateful for gardening this year? 

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