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What’s in Your Fall Garden?

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your garden or home can’t be filled with beautiful scents and colors. Autumn is filled with rich flower shades and robust vegetables that not only add warmth to the season, but also a vibrantly unique color palette.

So don’t go into a flowerless hibernation yet. Here are five gorgeous and hardy plants to include in your fall garden, seasonal décor or flower bouquet.

1. Toad Lily

Frost-hardy and easy to grow, this orchid-like perennial adds a tropical feel to any garden and is very attractive in coloring and shape. Toad Lilies bloom in late summer to early fall, and flower in a range of colors, including delicate pink, maroon, purple, yellow and white. Leaves are solid green, green and white, or green and creamy-yellow.

Pair with: Hostas, ferns and astilbe

Toad Lily

2. Russian Sage

Airy blue flowers with silvery foliage, Russian Sage is a welcoming contrast to the many rustic hues of autumn. Adding color to your garden from midsummer into fall, this member of the mint family is drought tolerant and trouble-free.

Pair with: Perennials, succulents and ornamental grasses (try Echinacea or Rudbeckia)

Russian Sage

3. Colchicum

Add a burst of bright color to your garden with this fall-blooming beauty. Having big cup-shaped blooms, colchicum flower in shades of pink and white. Although gorgeous, be aware that all parts of this plant are poisonous—causing them to be ignored by deer, rabbits and other hungry critters.

Pair with: Evergreen hellebores


4. Helenium

If you’re looking to add some cheery yellow, orange and red blooms to your fall garden, this is the plant for you. Tough and easy to grow, this perennial has daisy-like flowers and tall stems. Heleniums start to bloom in midsummer and on into fall—making them a wonderful pop of color while the seasons change.

Pair with: Celosia and daylilies


5. Sedum

Bursting with dense foliage and large flower heads, these low-maintenance perennials can bloom in red, pink, gold and yellow from summer to fall. Known for attracting butterflies, sedum look fresh and vibrant all growing season long.

Pair with: Aster, dianthus and chrysanthemums


What are your favorite fall combinations? Share what’s growing in your garden!

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