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Sustainability Classroom

11:00AM – 5:00PM Saturday and Sunday
11:00AM – 2:00PM Monday through Friday

It all begins with the seeds of inspiration.

BISC Lincoln Park Sustainability Garden

BISC Lincoln Park has created a sustainability garden inspired by our partnership with Unicef on their “World’s Largest Lesson” with sub areas offering unique hands on experiences for all ages. The garden will be run by teachers, parents and students from BISC Lincoln Park. During their visit to our garden visitors can contribute to a community art project, learn ways to implement sustainable practices into their everyday life, and create a craft from recycled materials.


Sub Area #1 – Community Mosaic

Visitors will contribute to a community mosaic inspired by Unicef’s “World’s Largest Lesson” and Seventeen Sustainable Goals.

Sub Area #2 – Eco-Friendly Crafts

Visitors will use recycled milk cartons to create DIY bird feeder or build biodegradable plant pots by filling newspaper pots with soil, seeds or plants while discussing the conditions that plants need to germinate and grow.

Sub Area #3 – Recycling Center

Visitors of all ages can use toy trucks in the BISC Lincoln Park Recycling Center to sort common household materials into the proper receptacles. A great introduction to recycling!

Sub Area #5 – Eco Pledge

Visitors can take one of the Eco Pledges written by our students and pledge to make a small change to be more environmentally responsible.

Promotional Materials/Giveaway

Visitors can take home reusable nylon tote bags and helpful hints on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and support Unicef’s “World Largest Lesson”.

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