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Susan Fox, author is a consulting rosarian, award-winning Getty Artist photographer and event planner that speaks, grows, and shows roses and gardens. Founder of Gaga’s Garden®, and author of Four Seasons of Roses Monthly Guide to Rose Care, Fox was awarded the American Rose Society’s (ARS) Presidential Citation “for Promoting the Rose and Rose Education Via Social Media.” The Arkansas State Tourism bureau chose Fox to promote the State-of-Arkansas after attending P. Allen Smith’s Garden-To-Blog, an invitation-only, exclusive event for garden writers in Little Rock, Arkansas. Fox’s most recent accomplishment is a year-long effort facilitating collaborations between growers and others that were key in making the Chicago Flower & Garden Show’s rose gardens a reality. She currently represents Hometalk, the world’s largest home-and-garden social network on national television with recent segments on NBC “Show Me St. Louis,” and the highly-rated “WGN Morning Show” in Chicago. At her heart is a commitment to generating educational, entertaining content that profiles specific products, personalities, places and events that engage the larger audience through targeted social media campaigns. This and other acknowledgments such as judging  The Biltmore International Rose Trials in Ashville, North Carolina has placed Fox at No. 1 in the world for the category of roses by Klout, the authority on social media rating system. Her reputation in the gardening community has firmly established her as one of the most highly-regarded rosarians and gardeners in the industry, with a special talent for promoting garden-related products, people or events via social media and content marketing. The website at features a sample of Gaga’s Garden® content and story-telling graphics that keep readers coming back for more!

All session by Susan Fox

Roses for Every Garden

10:45 am
Seminar Room A

Roses for Every Garden

4:15 pm
Seminar Room B

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