Michael and Kathi Johnson Rock

Michael and Kathi Johnson Rock


Hummingbirds have been Michael and Kathi’s passion and interest for the past 15 years. When they first started out, they had one hummingbird feeder, a pot of Salvia splendens, and a city yard filled with trees, grass and hummingbird unfriendly shrubbery. That first year it took them until August to see their first hummingbird and after that, they were hooked! It grew from there and now they have a yard filled with the best flowers. They also hang about 20 feeders at the height of migration in mid-September. Michael and Kathi wanted to take their enthusiasm and knowledge and share it with the community and they have been presenting a Gardening for Hummingbirds program for about 13 years now.
They have talked to countless groups in the Upper Midwest and beyond and recently presented their program at the Sedona Hummingbird Festival. Venues include the Dane County Garden Expo, Wildbirds Unlimited, Audubon Societies and other conservation groups, Master Gardener Conferences, and countless gardening clubs and nurseries. They spoke at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show for the past two years and at the Milwaukee Realtors’ Home and Garden Show for the first time in spring 2015. In addition, they offer a Hummingbird Garden Tour of their yard every September.

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