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18 Mar 2017
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Arthritis in the Garden – How to Lower Chronic Pain without Medicines

Shawna Coronado shows her extensive gardens and talks about the dramatic personal story of how she has used garden therapy, an anti-inflammatory diet, and exercise to overcome the daily debilitating...
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Shawna Coronado

Designing with Tropicals

Unusual annuals and tropical plants thrive in both the garden and in containers outdoors during the summer in the Chicagoland area. Tropical plants are becoming more widely available at nearby garden...
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Andrew Bunting

Landscaping with Roses

Roses can be easy to grow, resilient and tolerant. These darlings of the garden also respond quite nicely to a little TLC. Remarkably many gardeners perceive roses difficult to grow...
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Susan Fox

Magnolias for the Chicago Area

Magnolias – beloved for their iconic spring blossoms – are among the most popular flowering trees. Author of The Plant Lover’s Guide to Magnolias, Andrew Bunting will cover the breadth...
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Andrew Bunting

Sensory & Enabling Garden – Getting More Out of Your Time in the Garden

The beauty and fragrance of flowers may stir something in a gardener’s soul. But there is so much more in the landscape that can stimulate the senses. Learn what plants...
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Janie Grillo

Get Out & Grow Veggies: Great Options for Chicagoland Gardens

Discover some of the most productive plants for Chicagoland gardens, along with their culture and care. Learn about varieties of tomatoes, raspberries, kale, broccoli, pumpkins and other nutritious high-yield plants...
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William Moss

Get the Best Bloom from Your Containers

Containers are the strongest area of the gardening world. Whether you are just starting out with a balcony or patio; or expanding your color display from your gardens onto your...
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Jennifer Brennan

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People

This presentation will help gardeners understand the very direct connection between human health and the components and health of the soil, in which food for consumption is grown.
Sandy Syburg

Plants for Birds: Bringing Birds Home with Native Plants

Bring birds to your home today by growing native plants. With Audubon’s Native Plant Database and our Plants for Birds program, you can find the best plants for the birds in your area. Growing...
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David Ringer

Weed Identification for Gardeners

Dealing with weeds can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of gardening. Senior horticulturist Tom Soulsby explores some of the most common summer weeds of the Chicago...
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Tom Soulsby

Everything You Know About Gardening is Wrong. Myths, Misinformation and Well-Meant, but Inaccurate Advice from Mom, the Intertudes and Beyond

Gardeners are generally trusting souls. Sometimes too trusting. When they want answers to their questions, they sometimes inadvertently turn to unreliable sources. Mike walks his audience through some common misconceptions about plants, gardening...
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Mike Nowak

Growing Carnivorous Plants Shouldn’t Bite

Growing vibrant, blooming carnivorous plants in Chicago can be a challenge. Having a movable bog can make it easier. Find out what it takes to create your own container of...
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Steve Meyer

Plan Your Garden Like a Pro

Garden experts, whether landscape designer or architect, know the importance of working with a master plan for an entire yard – front, back and sides. This way there’s room to...
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Michael Glassman

Create a Stunning Front Yard & Entryway for All to Enjoy

Whether you’re a resident of downtown Chicago, the suburbs or beyond, everyone can benefit from some added curb appeal.  Melinda Myers will share tips on everything from quick, simple and...
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Melinda Myers

Pruning Principles for an Outstanding Garden

Pruning trees and shrubs is an art as well as a science. For gardeners, developing an awareness about how trees and shrubs grow combined with learning correct pruning techniques can...
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Tim Johnson

No. 1 Garden Dilemma: How to Resolve All the Challenges

Peruse our book with 350 images and dozens of different types of gardens, and also study other fine garden books, websites, blogs and garden magazines! It can be a bit...
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Michael Glassman

Making Sugars, Salts, Vinegars & Other Herb Infusions

Herbs can infuse their scent and flavor in many different ways. This lecture explores how to create herbal sugars and vinegars for cooking, and how to infuse herbs into bath...
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Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh

Orchid Growing Basics

Orchids add color and elegance to any setting. Learn how easy it can be to grow orchids in your home! Find out how to select orchids that are best suited...
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Wade Wheatley

Lurie Garden: Interpretations of Nature

The design and management of the Lurie Garden represent the artful melding of traditional horticultural plantsmanship with modern sustainable practices.This presentation is a journey through the history, construction and daily management of...
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Scott Stewart

Growing Succulents Indoors

The term “succulents” covers a broad range of plants from around the world. Fortunately, many of them make great houseplants! The Chicago Botanic Garden’s assistant horticulturist, Wade Wheatley, will share...
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Wade Wheatley

Floral Designer to Farmer Florist, a Journey Into the World of Floral Farming

Beth Barnett of Larkspur Chicago and Larkspur Farm discusses how flower farming has changed her urban flower design business since its launch in 1994. With decades of experience in the world of Chicago...
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Beth Barnett

Peonies: Queen of the Garden

A peony’s fragrance can transport you back in time –perhaps to your grandmother’s garden. Peonies, once the grand dame of the garden, are coming back in vogue. Join horticulturist Heather Sherwood to...
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Heather Sherwood

Chicago’s Blooming with Daffodils, Pansies and Roses

Chicago – and all of North America – is blooming with National Garden Bureau’s “Year of the” crops. There are three ornamental classes for 2017 (Daffodils, Pansies and Roses) as...
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Diana Blazek

Amazing Monarchs – Understanding Their Lifecycle, Annual Cycle and Conservation

Monarchs are one of the most-recognized and loved butterflies! We’ll look at their lifecycle and amazing annual migration to Mexico. We’ll also talk about how you can help conserve and...
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Janie Grillo

Absolutely Beautiful Containers

Want a few ideas for your container garden this year? In this seminar we will discuss the elements that make a great looking combination and view a number recipes for containers, hanging...
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Sue Amatangelo

Choosing Local Flowers for Your Special Event

Buying locally-sourced flowers for your wedding or special occasion is an easy way to save money without compromising on your vision. With nearly two acres of specialty-cut flowers, Illinois-based Brightflower Farm delivers to...
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Jeanie McKewan

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

A compilation of gardening favorites from oh-so-many gardeners. Everyone – from owner of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, to Chicago Botanic Garden experts and more.
Carol Cichorski

25 All-Star Hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas are the hottest plants in gardening now. Chalet’s Tony Fulmer has sorted through the maze of tried-and-new varieties and will share his “25 most reliable performers” for Chicagoland gardens.
Tony Fulmer

Midwest Container Design: Four Seasons of Opportunity

This presentation will highlight the instant impact containers can make in the landscape, including the different design styles the Midwest can take advantage of – playing off architecture, travel influence, tradition, etc. – and...
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Stephanie Robinson

Adding the Right Native Plants to Your Garden: How to Create an Attractive, Functional Landscape

So you’ve heard all the talk about pollinators and native plants, but you’re not quite sure what it’s all about and you’re nervous about taking the next step. What if...
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Trish Beckjord

The Evolution of a Garden – Transforming a City Space into an Urban Oasis

This presentation discusses the possibilities in a city space, created by one person, from a single plant to a thriving habitat, one step at a time. Follow the evolution of...
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Gina Iliopoulos

Which Rose is Right for You

Many people make rose purchases based on pretty blooms in the garden center. What they don’t realize is that roses come in all shapes, sizes and colors. America’s Favorite Rose...
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Chris VanCleave

Vegetable Gardening Month-by-Month

Learn what to do through the growing year for a bountiful harvest of vegetables, herbs and backyard fruits, whether your garden is in the ground, in raised beds or in containers....
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Beth Botts

Soilless Gardening in the City

Explore the world of controlled environment agriculture and learn how you can grow inside year round! Topics include aquaponics, hydroponics and aeroponics. Learn how these growing methods can have less pests, use less water...
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Eric Weber

Hydrangeas, What the Heck?

So, you’ve picked a new hydrangea or already have a few in your garden… now what the heck do you do with them? Learn some of the basics to get the biggest...
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Ryan McEnaney

S L O W Food: Getting to Know Your Food

Why are some foods gathering more attention than others, and what makes heirloom varieties just so special after all? Get all the dirt and more as Sacha Gee-Burns of Sunkissed...
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Sacha Gee-Burns

Gardening in the Naturalistic Style

Garden design follows basically three styles-formal, cottage, and naturalistic. Come hear what defines them and learn in detail the guiding principles that separate and guide naturalistic  design and gardening.
Cliff Miller

New Varieties from Proven Winners

Proven Winners will bring several exciting new introductions and improvements to the market in 2017.  In this seminar you’ll have a chance to learn about these new products and get...
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Sue Amatangelo

Color in Bloom – A Floral Journey

Color in Bloom is a program about my journey into the discovery of color. After marching along in the floral industry for 22 years, I wanted to rediscover my passion for...
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Andrea Grist

Gardening for Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds, and gardening to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators, have been Michael and Kathi’s passion and interest for the past 17 years. They wanted to take their enthusiasm and knowledge and...
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Michael and Kathi Johnson Rock

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