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Garden Gourmet Presented by 

A 150-seat Garden Gourmet culinary demonstration stage that never disappoints our garden-loving guests. Every year we seek out talented chefs to occupy our stage, delight our guests and share their expertise with a recipe-ready audience. Samples of these chef’s culinary delights are also provided. Click HERE for more information about the Chefs.

Builder: Brightview Landscape

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Landscapes done differently. Relationships and results drive us. We put our teams and our clients first, and take pride in their success.You know the positive impressions beautiful landscapes create. We’ll take care of you with BrightView’s comprehensive capabilities that results in landscapes that people will point to. Start with improvements to your curb appeal. Research shows a well-designed landscape can increase rental rates for office buildings by 7%, increase employee engagement, influence buyers to pay 15-25% more at retail stores, and improve recovery time at hospitals.

Designer: Brightview Landscape
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