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Just as a fairy tale can be captivating, inspiring and magical, so too can a landscape; with rolling hills of color, meadows of emerald green and swaying majestic trees under a bright blue sky…dazzling every one of our senses, including TASTE.  It’s a Flowertale for the imagination to run wild!

A 150-seat Garden Gourmet culinary demonstration stage that never disappoints our garden-loving guests. Every year we seek out talented chefs to occupy our stage, delight our guests and share their expertise with a recipe-ready audience. Samples of these chef’s culinary delights are also provided. Click HERE for more information about the Chefs.


Since 2006, Cornerstone Partners Horticultural Services has been creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s the installation of an inviting hardscape walkway, entrance-way or patio; vibrant seasonal floral displays; colorful rotations of garden areas and back-drops; or lighting and water features, our goal is to design a relaxing retreat that enables you to escape within your landscape. 

At this year’s Chicago Flower and Garden Show, we are proud to be the builder of the Gourmet Garden, collaborating with our good friend and Landscape Architect/Designer Ken Price, of Watermark Engineering Resources, LTD. We hope you are excited by what you see, inspired by what you learn and that you discover the endless possibilities your landscape can offer. We hope you’ll stop by our booth in the Marketplace and share your imagination with us.  Remember to dream big!  


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