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Its not a garden, it’s a (r)evolution                                  

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Chicago is a city that is constantly evolving, blossoming in its size, its character, and its ability to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants. From tall skyscrapers to extravagant displays of art, Chicago never fails to amaze visitors and residents alike with its way of keeping the world captivated. Today we are captivating the world in a new way growing into one of the urban farming capitols of the world. With a growing population and a recognition that the culture of agriculture is in jeopardy, Chicago residents have taken a stance to assure that more people have access to healthy locally grown food. Our city has evolved beyond building tall structures and high rises, it is seeking innovative ways to grow food without acres of land with viable soil. Abandoned buildings, warehouses, empty lots and high rises are being converted into food hubs with the use of vertical gardens, rooftop farms, aquaponics and hydroponic systems. Our garden displays a timeline of not only structural growth it recognizes the social impacts of food production and distribution.  Explore how to innovate and become a part of the Urban Agriculture movement. Be a part of the discussion of how we can assist in feeding 9 billion people by 2050. Travel through our space with your curiosity, inquires, and testimonials because It’s not a garden, It’s a (r)evolution.


Builder: Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

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The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences is a college preparatory high school that provides opportunities for diverse students from across the city to study agriculture with the goal of developing marketable skills as well as college level competencies.  We will produce technologically proficient graduates who will have the power to change the image of urban agriculture. Our school, the only one of its kind in the Midwest, offers a unique opportunity to urban students who are talented in science and mathematics. 
Designers: Horticulture Students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
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As a family-owned business, Eli’s is proud to support their community, local farmers and small businesses. Although Eli’s has grown dramatically over the past 34 years, we still take our time to bake the highest quality desserts for your table by slow baking our cheesecakes in small batches, and allow the finest ingredients to develop to their optimum flavors. 



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