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Every Garden Has A Story, But Ours Has a Secret!

We learn early in life that stories are narratives, either true or fictitious. They can be designed to interest, amuse, or instruct a reader. Stories can account for present or past events, maybe even the evolution of someone or something. A story can be heroic, iconic, sorrowful, encouraging, or impacting. In ever story there is an attention grabbing, intro, a thrilling middle and a climactic ending, but very few recognize the secrets that each story holds. Those secrets keep one captivated and turning pages to reach an ending that may be heartfelt or heartbreaking.

Imagine a deeper meaning infused in every word of every chapter. A special key will unlock those secrets. We challenge all that enter these gates to find the key for the stories displayed in this space. Although each tale is different, they possess characteristics and dynamic qualities which tie them together. Are you going to fall down the rabbit hole into a world of mad people? Would you prefer to walk through a wardrobe where winter will end as kings and queens are born? Are you destined to fight a great enemy beyond the Chamber of Secrets? Enter our secret garden with enchanted forests, wizards, made hatters, witches and even hobbits. We hope you recognize a common theme, participate in our story time and find the key to unlock the mystery of each novel.

Enter our world of magic and mystery, because every garden has a story, but ours has a secret!

Builder: Chicago High School from Agricultural Sciences


Designer: Students and Teachers from the Chicago High School from Agricultural Sciences




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