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Photography Competition

The Horticulture Photography Competition is a special event we look forward to each year, as it celebrates the creativity and beauty of plants, flowers and green living. The Chicago Flower & Garden Show strives to showcase a comprehensive representation of beauty, art and creativity through horticulture—and we are excited to incorporate the photography of our visitors in that effort. See the spectacular results and decide if your opinions of their artistry match those of our judges.

The photography display garden is a purpose-driven garden—a garden to frame the display of nature-based photography.

Here are the Winning Entries:

 601 Macro

  1. Kathryn Kauth and Best in Show
  2. Candace Anderson
  3. Joyce Russo

602 Live Model

  1. Leonard Danielson
  2. David W. Ammerman
  3. David Smith

 603 Landscape

  1. Kathleen Soto
  2. Rachel Sanfilippo
  3. Candace Anderson

 604 Still Life

  1. Charapin Pongtornpipat
  2. Debbie Cabrera
  3. Bernice Gunaseelan

 605 Abstract

  1. Charapin Pongtornpipat
  2. Kathleen Soto
  3. Carole L. Piller

 501 Under 16 years Old

  1. Sabrina Nebl
  2. Josephine Piunno
  3. Albert Aardsma

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