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We are incredibly pleased to be able design and build this year’s garden to house the Tulips. As it has become a show favorite throughout the years with its incredible colors and textures; we designed a smooth, clean line, simplistic but attainable space.  Displayed on tiered plant beds to better showcase the Tulips follow beautiful brick curve lines. They will be surrounded by a beautifully modern stone paver patio with brick inserts. Paired together they are both simple in natural design but can elaborately and luxuriously enhance any space in an instant.

Following the sleek simple design theme of the Tulip flower, a water fountain is also presented. An asymmetrical, jagged edged, vast natural granite stone is the focal point to this water feature. The uniqueness of the stone is what makes it stand on its own. If you are looking for something stylish and attainable, this type of feature is a great starting point. Visit us online to see more innovative water feature we can custom design for you.

Builder: Eurobrick

We pride ourselves in delivering a luxurious, quality service for  your landscape project: with a guaranty that each client will receive the utmost attention through our excellent customer service. For over twenty years we are accomplished in striving to be the best. Our company has the experience, expertise and creativity to execute exactly what you want with diligence and brilliant craftsmanship.

Designer: Jaime Anguiano – Eurobrick
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