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Below the 811 Bungalow Garden

Spring has arrived at the 811 Bungalow Garden and across the Chicagoland area homeowners and gardeners are gearing up for this year’s landscape projects. Whether installing that long-awaited backyard oasis, vegetable garden, or new shade structure in their yard; it is important for homeowners to know what is under their garden additions before digging. Natural gas, electric, communication and water utilities lines cross our properties and connect our homes and landscape features. From the irrigation in our planters to the natural gas, the underground arteries of our neighborhood are revealed. We hope you enjoy our garden and remember…. before you dig, call 811!

Major Sponsor: NPL


NPL currently enjoys a national reputation for safe, high quality, cost-effective solutions and customer satisfaction, installing and replacing over ten million feet of pipe, wire, and information systems annually. NPL’s experienced management team will not rest on its rich history. It is building on its expertise to bring new cost-effective solutions, best industry practices and low-cost technologies to its customers.

As NPL looks to the future and sees the challenges that lie ahead in our changing industry, it is expanding its service offerings to meet current and future needs of its customers, staying true to its philosophy: “We exist to serve our customers.”

Builder: Christy Webber

Christy Webber Landscapes is a full-service landscape provider offering design, construction, and maintenance programs to residential, commercial, and municipal clients throughout Chicago. “Christy Webber Landscapes is a company of people that share my enthusiasm and work hard to exceed your expectations. Based in Chicago for over 20 years, our team channels experience and passion to provide detailed, high-quality landscape management through construction, maintenance, and design services. Our full team includes Christy Webber Farm and Garden Center, Kinsella Landscaping, RR Landscape Supply, Greenworks, and RR Resourceful Recycling.” –Christy Webber

Designer: Jill Keller – Christy Webber Landscapes



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