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Create a Pumpkin Centerpiece

Who doesn’t love pumpkins this time of year? With so many ways to enjoy these seasonal delights—soups, pies, coffee flavors—we couldn’t help but share one more!

This pumpkin-inspired tip comes from and is perfect for your Thanksgiving dining décor! All you need is a pumpkin or gourd, flowers and any other fall accents you find appealing. From leaves and pine cones to berries and branches, creating your own pumpkin vase is easy and allows you to be uniquely you.

Pumpkin vase

Step 1: Draw or scratch a cutting line on the top of your pumpkin. This will be the opening of your vase. Feel free to create a zigzag, wave or asymmetrical design, as this can help guide cascading flowers or branches in different directions.

Step 2: Gut and clean your pumpkin! Clear out the contents of your pumpkin to ensure an empty space for your fall arrangement. (But don’t forget to save and bake the seeds!)

Step 3: Place a small container or bowl inside your hollow pumpkin. This will hold the water to keep your flowers and greenery alive. Be sure to get a proper sized container that doesn’t peek over the top; it should be hidden from the outside. Tip: Insert a shaped piece of chicken wire to help hold flowers in in place.

Chicken wire inside pumpkinStep 4: Fill your pumpkin vase with your favorite fall flowers and accents! Chrysanthemums, dahlias and asters make for beautiful colors of yellow, red and purple. Your centerpiece will look even better if the flowers and arrangement explode over the sides of the vase, rather than stand straight up.

Some favorite arrangement combos to try:


Mix chrysanthemums with a fountain of red winterberry, burning bush and purple beautyberry for a dramatic, yet romantically rustic look.



Yellow beech leaves with pink and white dahlias are the perfect pairing for a welcoming centerpiece. Add gold spider mums into the mix for more texture.


Dahlia meets mums:

Using dahlias and mums, mix the colorful beauties with crabapples and orange winterberry. This will create a fresh and full display that warms your table.

Dahlia meets mums


Create a lavish and lush display with pomegranates, red viburnum berries, orange tulips, roses and ranunculus. Contrast the rustic color scheme with a bronzy-green magnolia-leaf wreath that cascades over the pumpkin edge.


Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful fall centerpiece! Water as needed. Note: Carved pumpkins can start to mold within a matter of days, so take that into consideration before creating your masterpiece.


Have you created your own pumpkin centerpiece? What is your go-to flower arrangement? Be sure to share what’s on your Thanksgiving table with the Chicago Flower & Garden Show!

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